A Good Oxidation Resistance Alloy —Nickel Alloy 601
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A Good Oxidation Resistance Alloy —Nickel Alloy 601

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Product characteristics

1、Good resistance to oxidation of sulfur-containing gas

2、Good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature

3、Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance

4、Good resistance to carbonization

Due to the controlled amount of carbon and grain size inch, 601 has high creep fracture strength, so it is recommended to use 601 in the field of 500℃ or above, so it has good anti-stress corrosion cracking performance.

nickel-alloy-601 1

Chemical composition

% Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si S Al Cu
min 58.0 21.0 balance

max 63.0 25.0 0.10 1.00 0.50 0.015 1.70 1.00

Corrosion resistance

An important property of alloy 601 is its resistance to oxidation at temperatures up to 1180℃. It can be used even under severe conditions. Even under severe conditions, such as heating and cooling cycles, 601 can generate a dense oxide film and obtain high resistance to flaking. Alloy 601 has good resistance to carbonization. Due to its high chromium and aluminum content, alloy 601 has good oxidation resistance in high temperature hydrophobic atmospheres.

nickel-alloy-601 2

Application areas

1.Pallets, baskets and jigs for heat treatment plants.

2.Wire strand annealing and radiation tubes, high speed gas burners, screen belts in industrial furnaces.

3.Isolation tanks in ammonia reforming and catalytic support grids in nitric acid manufacturing

4.Exhaust system components

5. Combustion chambers in solid waste incinerators

nickel alloy 601

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