Take Off, 2024
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Take Off, 2024

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On February 17, 2024 (the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar), MTSCO held a groundbreaking ceremony with the theme of "take off, 2024", with the slogan of "New Momentum -New Journey -New Chapter -New Capabilities", which aims to encourage morale, stimulate new work momentum and face new challenges and opportunities together.

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The groundbreaking ceremony kicked off with a series of colorful activities, including newcomer reports, garden activities, and a New Year's speech. The garden activities pushed the atmosphere to the climax, and the three links of knowledge quiz, pot throwing and rolling fun not only enhanced the interaction and communication among employees, but also showed the wisdom and tacit understanding of the partners. These interesting activities not only added joy to the new year, but also allowed employees to meet new work challenges in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

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Then Brave Hua expressed his high hope for the future development of MTSCO. He emphasized that in the face of changes in personnel and renewed values, he encouraged all staff to be refined, pure and transparent, embrace change, sincere and trustworthy, strive to break the comfort zone, and work together to bring out the creative spirit of the team to contribute to the company's efforts to build a learning organization.

Brave Hua emphasized why he chose to make changes during the harsh economic winter, explained the strategic thinking of "grow roots against the trend, and wait for two years to grow with the trend", and encouraged the staff to go forward.

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The "take off, 2024" ceremony is not only the starting point of MTSCO's work for the year, but also an important moment for all members of the company to make a commitment to face the challenges of the future together. Last but not least, we wish all MTSCO's partners a happy start, versatility and wealth!







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