Heating Tube Cable Encapsulated Tubing for Downhole Tools
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Heating Tube Cable Encapsulated Tubing for Downhole Tools


Heating Tube Cable Encapsulated Tubing for Downhole Tools

Conductor structure Single or multiple strands cable
Conductor specification 18~16AWG
Insulation PP/ FEP
Fill layer PP/ Foam PP
OD of steel tube 0.5~0.89mm、1.24mm
OD 6.35mm
Grade of steel tube 316L、A825

photoelectric composite cable

Introduction of photoelectric composite cable:

1. Small outer diameter, light weight and small space occupation (usually multiple cables can be used to solve a series of problems, which can be replaced by composite cables here);

2. Low customer procurement cost, low construction cost and low network construction cost;

3. Excellent bending performance, good lateral pressure resistance and convenient construction;

4. At the same time, it provides a variety of transmission technologies, with high adaptability, strong scalability and wide application range of products;

5. Provide huge bandwidth access;

6. Save costs, reserve optical fiber as door-to-door, and avoid secondary wiring;

7. Solve the problem of equipment power consumption in network construction (avoid repeated arrangement of power supply lines).

MTSCO cables are used to transmit signals, monitor and supply power in downhole applications where various downhole production data needs to be collected and channels established with the formation during oil and gas production. For the tubing, we mainly supply materials of stainless steel, duplex steel and nickel alloy (such as 304/L,316/L, 2205, 2507,alloy 625, alloy 825). Diameters from 4mm to 88.9mm and our length can be up to 33000ft (10000m).
And MTSCO can supply cables of fiber cable, composite cable, logging cable and heating cable. For oil and gas wells that have experienced production declines or shutdowns due to fluid accumulation, fouling, waxing, or corrosion, MTSCO cables can be targeted to help you solve the problem.

IMG_20221116_161957 IMG_20221116_161435(1)

We have obtained various classification society certificates such as BV, DNV, CCS, ABS, LR, etc. In addition, the factory is also equipped with eddy current test, hydraulic test, pressure test, tensile test and other test equipment to ensure the quality of products before delivery.


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