Happy Birthday to MTSCO 16th Anniversary
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Happy Birthday to MTSCO 16th Anniversary

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On December 8, 16 years ago, MT Stainless Steel (MTSCO) was founded. In the past 16 years, MTSCO has grown from an ignorant child to a vigorous young man.

Under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Hua and Ms. Gao, MTSCO has expanded stainless steel pipe products and nickel alloys in the past 16 years, and this year, we have added wire products, which has been moving towards the starry sea of steel.


Of course, the process is also full of gains. Stainless steel seamless pipes, pipe fittings, flanges and other products have reached the forefront of Chinese exports. Nickel alloys constantly update foreign customers' inherent understanding of Chinese manufacturing. This year's sales increased by 80%.

The development from a team of several people to the scale of more than 100 people now is not only the growth of the number of people, but also the growth of everyone in MTSCO. At the MTSCO Day activity site, everyone reviewed their efforts and changes over the years.

Many young friends joined MTSCO from the very beginning of their graduation, growing from a protected seedling to a tree that protects others. Although they have not experienced the scenery of other companies, the scenery of MTSCO is enough to make them firm in their choice.

The rich and lively environment of MTSCO also allows each person to show his or her personality.

At the scene, we also awarded 16 "Strange" awards.

Group Photo Killer Award

If you don't make up, you are born beautiful. If you make up, you are a fairy


Social Excellent Award

The smile is very charming, full of affinity and love for life

Flexibility Award

Sprinkle sweat on the yoga mat and fat in the gym, and fly tenaciously.


Award of Versailles

Her daily laughter is a disdain for us ordinary people

Although we are strange, we can all understand each other. Colorfulness is the daily scenery of MTSCO. We also welcome friends to join us in our struggle!

The majestic pass is really like iron, and now we are making progress from scratch. Sixteen years is just the beginning. Thank you for having you all the way, and we will certainly have us in the future! Congratulations on the 16th anniversary of MTSCO. Happy birthday!!


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