【Great News】ERAUM Won the 'Gold Award' in the Professional Competition
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【Great News】ERAUM Won the 'Gold Award' in the Professional Competition

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Recently, the award ceremony of Shanghai Fusion Innovation Professional Competition was held, ERAUM’s General Manager, Mr. Fu attended the event on behalf of ERAUM R&D team and won the Gold Medal, which is the highest honor. The competition was divided into 3 tracks, including high-end equipment, space information and new materials, and more than 100 Shanghai military-civilian integration R&D teams participated. The team of "Fu Huaqing Jinshan Craftsman Studio" of ERAUM won the Gold Award in the New Material Track with the project of "R&D and industrialization of low expansion alloy for aerospace".

Project Introduction

For a long time, Chinese advanced manufacturing industry and key engineering projects have not yet broken through many core components of new materials, not only rely on imports, but also the phenomenon of "waiting for the rice to fall off the pot" is very prominent. Among them, the domestic demand for new materials of high performance low expansion alloy for aerospace is relatively large, most of the alloy materials need to be imported from France, Japan, the United States, Germany and other advanced Western countries. In order to solve the key engineering key parts manufacturing is not restricted by others, ERAUM set up a most core technical team to focus on the research and development of the alloy, science and technology innovation.


The project has developed a ratio system of low expansion alloy material for aviation through reasonable alloy composition design and addition of rare trace elements, as well as the design of vacuum smelting + electroslag remelting process and control technology research of key process links, such as effective control of precipitation phase alloying technology; low expansion alloy forging deformation technology; low expansion alloy cold deformation technology; hot extrusion without delamination defects technology; heat treatment technology of low expansion alloy; successfully developed low expansion alloy with international advanced level.

Award Ceremony

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Looking Ahead

   This competition we won not only the honor of the gold medal, but also increased our determination and confidence in the development of military-civilian integration of ERAUM, we should take the opportunity to develop products urgently needed by the national defense industry, accelerate the work of military-to-civilian conversion while meeting the urgent needs of the country, accelerate the work of scientific research and new product development, develop and manufacture more reliable alloys, reach the international leading level as soon as possible, and contribute to the development of military-civilian integration of our country. Contribute to the development of national civil-military integration. Mtsco, as the foreign trade center of ERAUM, will also fully cooperate to promote the new products to open the international market, so that more customers can get more cost-effective nickel alloy products.

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