Good News!ERUM Vacuum Team Won the Title of "Worker Pioneer"
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Good News!ERUM Vacuum Team Won the Title of "Worker Pioneer"

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In October 2022, the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions in the region visited Shanghai ERAUM Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. and awarded the "Worker Pioneer" honor card and certificate to the vacuum team of ERAUM, encouraging the workers to continue their efforts and go further. "Worker Pioneer" is an honorary title formulated and issued by the All China Federation of Trade Unions with the content of "first-class service, first-class performance and first-class team".


Shanghai ERAUM Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of special nickel alloy materials for military and civilian purposes. This team is mainly responsible for the vacuum synthesis process of nickel alloys. This process uses a vacuum induction furnace to infiltrate trace elements and special metal elements into the base metal heated to a certain temperature through a special process, so that it can carry out material modification under a high vacuum state to synthesize new alloys and super strong performance materials, Greatly improve the internal quality and service life of the product.


They blazed new trails and made great efforts to improve the quality of nickel alloys. 5 products reached the international advanced level. Many products replaced imports and were successfully applied to a PLA unit, a base project of the Eleventh Academy of Astronautics, an aviation industry, a nuclear industry project, etc., contributing their own strength to the national defense construction. They endured hardships and stood hard work. This year, the hot weather continued, The working environment of the vacuum furnace on site is more than 43 ℃ absolute high temperature! Not only completed the task, but also completed the best record of 83 heats in a single month! The vacuum team actively studied, was willing to contribute, worked tirelessly, created core competitiveness for enterprise development, and contributed more reliable new alloy materials to national key projects and the development of national defense and military industry.

We believe that MTSCO and ERAUM will continue to develop high-quality products for you and provide you with professional services







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